19 6 / 2013

SHADOW AND ACT:Quvenzhané Wallis Joins Voice Cast Of Salma Hayek’s Animated Adaptation Of ‘The Prophet’

First announced early last year, Salma Hayek has teamed up with the Doha Film Institute and Participant Media to adapt Khalil Gibran’s classic novel The Prophet as an animated feature for the big screen.

It was said that each of the chapters in the novel would be directed by a different filmmaker, including: Animation director Roger Allers (The Lion King), who’ll be in charge of the through-line narrative, while individual chapters will be handled by filmmakers like Tomm Moore (The Secret Of Kells), Joan Gratz (Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase), Bill Plympton (Guard Dog And Your Face), Nina Paley (Sita Sings The Blues), Joann Sfar (The Rabbi’s Cat), Paul and Gaetan Brizzi (Fantasia 2000), Michal Socha (Chick) and Mohammed Harib (Freej).

Voicing characters within each chapter will be Quvenzhané Wallis, who I’m sure needs no intro around here, as well as Liam NeesonJohn Krasinski, Frank Langella, Alfred Molina, and Salma Hayek herself, who have all signed up to lend their voices to the animated feature.

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    SHADOW AND ACT:Quvenzhané Wallis Joins Voice Cast Of Salma Hayek’s Animated Adaptation Of ‘The Prophet’ First announced...
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    When my wife and I were first dating, we’d read chapters to each other from a tattered old copy she’d had since she was...